Reliable devices for surface level monitoring and control with over 50 years of experience

Kari-Finn Oy develops and manufactures KARI float switches, designed for the detection and control of waste water levels, liquids generated by industry, and liquids with varying degree of viscosity, in addition to liquids in wells, pump systems and tanks.

KARI electrode switches offer an alternative to float switches. In addition to serving as an alarm system for a predetermined liquid level, they are also suitable for use with various KARI sensors to determine the desired start and stop levels.

The KARI MS is designed for the detection of the surface level in silos, in which loose storage goods, such as grains or gravel, are stored.

When equipped with KARI Exi relays, our switches are also suitable for use in atmospheres that are potentially explosive (ATEX spaces), including oil containers.

Our product range also includes alarm units, pump starters, multi-pin connectors, and thermal fuses designed as safety devices for oil burners.