Why choose the KARI float switch?

The world’s most versatile float switch

The KARI float switch is the world’s most versatile float switch. Unlike the other products on the market, the KARI float switch comes with a four-point level switch. The KARI float switch not only serves as an alarm system for a pre-determined liquid level but can also be used to control the filling and emptying of a tank. You can set the threshold values yourself easily, with no need for any additional devices. The KARI switch is available in several models, covering a wide variety of purposes and applications. We are also happy to customise a float switch to meet your specific needs.

Several level switches in a single float

KARI float switches are unique cable-suspended control devices used to sense liquid levels in, for example, wells and pump systems. These are the most versatile float switches on the market. The KARI float switch allows you to set alarms for low and high levels, while also controlling the functioning of the pump – all with just one float. Thanks to the KARI float switch’s revolutionary design, there is no need to install several single-point float switches in one tank and risk them getting tangled up as the liquid level rises and falls.

Compact design and high reliability

KARI float switches consist of a free-floating switch enclosure to which a protected multi-conductor cable is attached. A control weight fixed to the cable keeps it immersed in the liquid, causing the switch to tilt in line with fluctuations in the liquid level.

Reliable operation in all conditions

The KARI float switch is the largest float switch on the market. Thanks to its conical shape and low weight in relation to its size, the KARI float switch offers excellent buoyancy and problem-free operation in all conditions. In addition to wells, pumping solutions, and tanks, it is well suited to monitoring and controlling the level of wastewater, liquids generated in industrial processes, and liquids that cover a wide viscosity range. The large float casing houses several microswitches that control the various float-switch functions in accordance with the angle of the float. As the liquid level rises and falls, the microswitches open and close contacts to adjust the signal current.

Three size alternatives

The KARI range includes three float casing sizes. The smaller C and M float series are suitable for narrow spaces or applications where high buoyancy adds no value.

Easy-to-adjust switch activation levels

The KARI float switch’s stop, start, and level-alarm functions are easy to control by adjusting the length of the cable and changing the position of the weight.

Cables delivered on the basis of dimensions, application, and liquid

Instead of being standard solutions, the cables for KARI float switches are always delivered to match the liquid and the tank dimensions. This ensures a problem-free, long service life for the float switch, even when used with corrosive liquids. Using our databank, we can select the optimal cable type for each application.

  • PVC-coated cable for normal use
  • Rubber cable for low temperatures and applications causing mechanical strain
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cable for applications in which resistance to oil is required
  • Teflon (PTFE) cable for demanding chemical applications
  • Special cables, including halogen-free, silicone, and PUR cables

Choose an environment-friendly solution without mercury or lead

The unique KARI float switch does not contain any mercury or lead, making it suitable for applications wherein the liquid must not be exposed to these toxic substances. When you choose a KARI float switch, you can be sure the product meets all environmental requirements both during long-term use and after disposal.

No unnecessary on/off control functions wear the system out

In maintenance of the liquid level, the KARI float switch can be used efficiently to control two levels, unlike single-point switches, which switch on and off at the same threshold level. The KARI switch distinguishes between the pump’s separate on and off liquid-level points, which helps to prolong the pump’s service life.

Why choose the KARI float switch?

  • A simple structure and reliable operation
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Several level switches in a single float
  • Easy-to-adjust switch operation levels
  • Suitability for demanding applications and the majority of liquids
  • A wide range of standard products, plus bespoke solutions
  • Various cable options, available for a wide variety of applications and liquids
  • Cable lengths tailored to meet the client’s specific needs
  • Easy installation
  • An environmentally friendly solution without mercury or lead
  • Safe use also with hazardous liquids
  • No need for maintenance
  • A longer pump service life, as the pump is not switched on and off unnecessarily
  • A full operation test for all switches
  • Top-quality products created through experience spanning five decades

The switch is ideal for safe work with hazardous substances

By using the KARI Exi relay, the KARI float switch is suitable for safe working with hazardous and inflammable liquids. The KARI Exi relay generates an inherently safe circuit to a potentially explosive atmosphere. The KARI C and M types enable the use of the KARI Exi relay.